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How to keep organised during distance learning? Top tips from The Learning College Group!

Staying organised can come naturally to people, however, there are those where it doesn’t! We have some top tips to keep you organised throughout your distance learning course!

Keep your digital and paper files organised

Keeping your files organised can seem like a small task, meaning that you don’t end up with a mountain of paper or digital files everywhere! Keep your folders simple!

Organising you documents into folders for each module tends to be the easiest approach. Keep your file names simple and consistent, so you know where to look when you need to!

Good examples of files or folder names are Module/Type of work

i.e. Understand Child Development / Assessment

Keeping your web browser tabs organised!

Researching for your assessments can leave you with a lot of tabs open. Toast can help keep your browser organised and information easily accessed! Save you windows and come back to them at a later date!

Stop Distractions

Putting a stop or attempting to control distractions is a great way to keep your mind organised and creating a better focus on your tasks. Does the internet distract you? Can you get work done offline? If you can do some of you distance learning offline, use an internet blocker to stop you searching for those distracting websites (SelfControl).

Are you addicted to your phone? Scrolling through social media? Turn off your phone and place it in another room, so you can’t easily reach for it. There are many apps that reward you for keeping off of your phone. Get friends who are also completing distance learning courses and play together by keeping off of your phone!

Track Your Time

Many writers and professional will track their time to ensure they get work completed. There are many different timers available for you to choose from on the web, rather than using your phone! Ensure that you have set intervals to take a break from studying, but make sure once your break is up you return to work.

Keep Your Computer Desktop Clean

When thinking of a messy desktop, think of a messy floor. You can live with it, but it will soon slow you down searching for files. Either clean up your desktop or start as you mean to go on!

Clean your desktop at least once a week to keep on top of being organised, recommended at the beginning or end of the week. Any items you want to keep on your desktop, make sure it’s a document you use daily.

Once your desktop is clean, think about your wallpaper, a calming or energising wallpaper is a way to make sure it isn’t the focal point of your attention. There is a high level of self-discipline, but forming new habits is required. Not all of our tips need to be followed completely, but it’s a great starting point for anyone new or experienced with distance learning. Try different approaches and find out what works for you. If something doesn’t work first time, don’t give up, try something new.

Keep Your Files Backed Up

It is highly recommended that all of you important and sentimental files are backed up. Use Google Drive, One Drive or Dropbox. Save the time having to rewrite assignments or lose motivation because you have lost your work.

Flexible and Distance Learning … What are the benefits?

The Benefits of Distance Learning

Distance learning enables students to learn online, rather than attend physical classes and means students are able to work from their own homes.

Flexible Study


Studying from home mean increased flexibility. At The Learning College we offer blended learning, meaning that you have a mixture of different learning styles to cater for all abilities. There is no dress code and no fixed hours! The only thing you need is a computer, laptop or tablet that is connected to the internet. Not attending classes means that you can study in your free time to comply with work commitments and lifestyle. All of our course material can be reviewed as often as you need!

Self-paced Learning

Every student is different. Some people learn quickly others it takes time to absorb information. With our online study, there is reduced pressure as you can study at your own pace, take breaks when required and keep organised throughout (see our blog on keeping organised through distance learning).

Lower Costs

Our online learning courses means that there are no additional costs unlike classroom studying. Due to the no classroom overheads, we are able to pass the savings onto our students! There are also no travel costs for our students.

Sheila tutor

Better Tutor Support

If you have questions related to your course you can email your tutor directly, who is able to take as much time as required to answer your questions thoroughly.

A Range of courses to choose from

The Learning College offers a wide range of education courses, with two different Awarding Bodies CACHE and TQUK. Our courses range from Level 2 to Level 4, ensuring that you Education Qualification is sufficient for employment.


Where students are not attending physical classes, self-discipline is required to ensure you’re managing your time and assessments.

Accessible to all

accessible to all

Online classes are accessible to everyone. Some learning providers where physical classes take place, wheel chair access is not provided, although there is a passing of legislation.

At The Learning College, we support our students from start to finish. If there is a course that you have been looking at but unsure of what is required of you, please get in touch with us today 01785 336 464 or