Principles of Internet Safety


Are you able to understand Internet Safety? Do you make sure your children are safe on the internet?

This course is the perfect for those looking to understand how to stay safe and keep others safe on the internet when using a computer or device. In a world that is every changing and technology advancing, make sure you know how to protect yourself and your family members when using the internet. STAY SAFE!


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This internet safety training course aims to highlight particular areas of concern for internet users, such as sharing personal information online and the possibility of being groomed online. Your learners will cover topics such as the features associated with the internet; the different ways in which adults, children and young people use the internet; risks of using the internet; and recognising online propaganda – all of which are invaluable topics in internet safety training.

Who is it for?

Our Principles of Internet Safety is aimed towards anyone wishing to know more about staying safe online or for their children to stay safe online too. It will give you a much broader understanding as to the dangers of not being safe on the Internet.

Units Covered

Unit 1: Features of the internet

In this section, your learners will develop their awareness of what the internet is and consider the advantages and disadvantages of the internet.

Unit 2: How adults, children and young people use the internet

Your learners will discover how to access the internet and consider how people of all ages use the internet, including how they communicate and online shopping trends. This section also includes information on how to be safe when social networking.

Unit 3: Risks associated with using the internet

In this section, your learners will be introduced to how their personal information is shared online, cookies, risks to safety and privacy, cyber bullying and trolling. Your learners will also discover how to prevent risks to their privacy, how to prevent cyber bullying and the warning signs of internet grooming.

Unit 4: Staying safe when using the internet

This section will cover the signs and symptoms of online abuse to help your learners recognise someone who is being abused online. Your learners will also discover how to report online abuse and how to support victims of internet abuse.

Unit 5: Recognising online propaganda

This section covers the benefits and importance of recognising propaganda. Your learners will develop their understanding of the meaning of propaganda, propaganda techniques and how to protect themselves online.

The Course

Course Length 4 hours
Awarding Body CPD
Learning Method(s) Online learning
materials with
online assessment


Assessments are a great way of checking your progress allowing you to apply your learning to real-world situations. Through the course you will be assessed by a series of written assignments, which are assessed as you complete via our learner platform.

All assignments are set by The Learning College. Upon verification of the activities, exercises and assignments, a certificate of achievement will be awarded, as confirmation that your written work has met all of the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for the course thus passing your recognised qualification in full.

Please note: There is no examination required for this course.

What’s included

You will have access to a Tutor, via email & telephone, whom will be guiding and supporting your study. You will also be provided with all course materials via our learner platform in order to complete your course.

Study Time

The guided study hours to complete your Principles of Internet Safety course is 4 – 6 hours. You should allow enough time to complete assignments/ question papers to ensure satisfactory outcomes are met.


Our Principles of Internet Safety course is openly available to anyone wishing to understand more about internet safety.

  • Students should have access to a computer and the internet throughout your study period.
  • Learners should have basic PC skills in order to use our Learner Management System (LMS)
  • You should be fully committed to your studies.
  • Must be aged 16 and over

Certification Fee

The Certification fee for this course is £55.00 of which is only payable upon successful completion.


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Principles of Internet Safety – £49.00


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