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Fair Assessment Policy | The Learning College Group

The Learning College Fair Assessment Policy

The Learning College is committed to equal opportunities and the fair assessment of all students. The Learning College does not discriminate on the grounds of race, sex, marital or civil partnership status, gender reassignment, disability, religion or beliefs, age or sexual orientation.


  • Make information and guidance on assessment clear, accurate and accessible to all staff, candidates and external examiners, thereby minimising the potential for inconsistency of marking practice or perceived lack of fairness
  • Only assess against taught material which relates to the learning and unit outcomes of the course. It is important that each assessment enables students to demonstrate they meet the intended learning outcomes.
  • Provide every candidate with written feedback on individual assessments.
  • We will ensure that assessment is operated fairly within programmes and for individual learners. This is through vigorous internal verification and external moderation as outlined by the awarding bodies.

In line with the guidance laid out within the awarding bodies “Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations Policy”, The Learning College will make reasonable adjustments for any candidate who has any difficulty in accessing the Course Material.

Learners need to contact Head of Centre on 01785 336464 or via email at annalise@thelearningcollege.co.uk