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Distance Learning Explained

What can I expect from my course ?

When enrolments have been accepted, the College will provide you with all the required materials in order for you to complete your qualification. In addition to your course materials listed below you will also be assigned to a personal tutor. Your tutor will be on hand to support your learning throughout to answer any questions you may have regarding your course materials.

Will I need a computer ?

In order to use our platform for your podcast lessons you will need a reliable device such as a computer, iPad, Android of which our ‘campus’ works cross platform. You will also be required to have a steady internet connection in order to connect with our services. With your computer device and an internet connection you will be able to access our course materials and Podcast lessons from anywhere in the world!

For each of your assignments you will be required to spend a number of hours working on your computer, researching the relevant information required in order to complete your portfolio. Upon completion of your assignments you will be required to submit all work direct to our assessment/moderation team, again formative feedback will be given for each piece of work.

The study materials we provide are of the highest quality, and will include:

  • Full Access to Tutored Podcast Lessons
  • Research Task Sheets
  • Assignment Sheets
  • Supporting Handouts
  • 1-2-1 Tutor Support
  • Flexible Learning (To fit around your current lifestyle)

When your course starts, you will be sent your podcast lessons along with all the necessary course materials depending on the course you are completing. The materials we provide will remain your property in order for you to use and refer back to at anytime in the future.

You will receive a study timetable within your ‘welcome pack’ that will help you plan your lessons and structure your assignments etc. You can expect formative feedback on all work completed to ensure you understand the units every step of the way. You will also be encouraged to complete your Podcast lessons in order for you to achieve the highest possible standard.


Prior to starting your Podcast Lessons, we recommend for you to read through your podcast guide in order to follow the course structure.

Assessment and exams

In order to complete your course you will be required to submit completed assignments. The assignments are a way of demonstrating your understanding for each unit completed as you work through your course. We don’t have exams on any of our courses as they are all assignment based programmes.

What are the benefits of distance learning?

  • Flexible learning hours to suit you
  • No classrooms to attend
  • No additional travel costs
  • Recognised Qualifications
  • Lectures you can watch time and time again

Should you require any additional information regarding our services, please call us on 01785 336464 or use the contact form below and one of our dedicated team members will get back to you.