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Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

posted by Lucy Birchall

I was worried about doing an online course as I haven’t studied since my school years but the ease of the whole thing surprised me. Support is there through the whole process. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the learning college to anyone as they really do provide a 5 star service!

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

Learnt so much – thanks

Posted by S. Haran

I really enjoyed this course, my tutor and assessor were really helpful and responded quickly.

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

Very useful and informative course.

Posted by Gill McE

I started this course with a view to gaining work in schools as a teaching assistant and was fortunate to land a job while I was doing the course. My experiences in school have helped me to complete the course while using some situations as examples. Great course if you are thinking of working in school. I enjoyed the course and learned loads. I would recommend it.

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

Interesting course

Posted by Avril

Very hard but interesting course, well worth completing though!!

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

Great course and easy process

Posted by Eve dunseith

The process was easy. The course was brilliant and the response time from the tutor was excellent. The only thing stopping me from review this with 5 * is the fact that after i had submitted my portfolio, I was made aware that I hadn’t met several of the criteria, meaning the formative assessments weren’t enough and I had missed bits of work out. Luckily I had time to correct the work but it left me a little annoyed.

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

CACHE 3 Supporting Learning and Teaching Award review

Posted by T.Hill

Thank you Learning College for providing me with the support to complete my qualification. I was happy with how quickly my tutor got back to me with feedback and for the final review process of my portfolio. The online podcasts were useful and I found it very easy to navigate around my account to find the information I needed to complete each module and question. The feedback was straight forward and easy to understand, although at times it seemed a little brief and on occasions ambiguous. Nevertheless I still remain very happy with the support given. Thank you again!

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

Outstanding course, excellent tutors!

Posted by Adina

Every person who works or plans to have a future in the educational system should take this course, not only for the certificate, but firstly, for their own experience and knowledge. The materials provided are very clearly explained , the course is really well structured and the homeworks and research tasks go straight to the point ,so that the student can acquire the most important and essential information, so necessary when working with children and adults within an educational establishment. The tutors are very supportive and considerate , available at all time and keen to modelate the student’s work and knowledge. Thank you Learning College for helping me to improve and consolidate my development!

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

Great Course, Great Tutors, Great Job

Posted by Carrie

I loved this course. Once the format is grasped (as it’s all online or via pen drive) it’s so easy to navigate and get involved with the course content. The tutor throughout the course is easy to understand and guides you through the course at your own pace and your tutors you send work to are superb and get back to you in no time at all. Following this course, I have been successful in becoming a full time teaching assistant within a primary school setting. Thanks

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

Outstanding Support

Posted by Danielle Pitt

Hi Emma, You are an angel! Thank you so much, I would like the certificate to state the name as : Danielle Burgess. Throughout the time of my course your help and support have been outstanding, please advise your line manager or equivalent as I always like to recognise outstanding service. Everything I have asked or needed has received your full attention making the process so easy, which is much appreciated as I am a full time mum as well as a student teacher now! Thank you again, Danielle

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

Feedback on Scott Cooper

Posted by Zoee White

Can the Manager of Scott Cooper (unsure of Scott’s dept) be made aware that I found that if I had to give a customer experience score of the interaction I had with him this morning on the telephone, it would be 10 out of 10! As I pointed out to him, he was enthuastic, knowledgeable and answered my questions thoroughly. Was a very refreshing customer experience and should not go unnoticed! Yes customer experience is what it is all about in 2016 and beyond NOT customer service. Thank you

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

The Learning College Limited

Posted by Krissie Yates

You have been very helpful and sorted any problems I had very quickly. Great communication from you all and love having my courses in my online account, makes things easier. Thank you for your support and help. Have the anxious wait now to see if my portfolio is a pass so onto the next course. Thank you for providing a great service.

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

Thoroughly enjoyed this course

Posted by Linda Kairns

Really enjoyed my study with the learning college and will recommend to anyone looking to study or become a teaching assistant. Great support from the college and tutors, thank you to all

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

Thank you so much !

Posted by Shereen Neil-Somers

To Kerri, Thank you so much for all the help you have given me and going out your way to find the questions I didn’t have for my course. I was panicking so much thinking I was not going to complete my course, but you gave me the guidance and support to help me achieve my qualification. A MASSIVE !! Thank you Kerri, you have gone beyond your way to help me !!! Kind regards Shereen Neil-Somers P.S I’ve received my qualification and got a new job using that. Your a great asset to your work place !!!

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

Big Thank You !

Posted by Sonia Jackson

I originally enquired about the Level 3 course via reed.co.uk where I found many course providers offering all kinds of courses. Being completely confused I received a call from Paul at The Learning College whereby he explained all I need to know for me to make the right decision. I have been trying to become a Teaching Assistant for many years with no success. I completed some CPD courses only to find they would not help me as the school I am at now required me to have a recognised qualification. I have now completed my qualification with the college and have managed to secure a full time position in my son’s Primary School. I can’t thank The Learning College enough and will always recommend the services they provide. Thank you Sonia

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

Superb College

Posted by Steve Hummels

Great course, Great Service, Great College. What can I say, everything about this college was great from start to finish. Thank you to everyone at the Learning College.

Review for Essential Teaching Assistant Programme

ETAP Course

Posted by Paul Simpson

I am already qualified as a Teaching Assistant and having been out of education for a number of years I wanted to start a course to refresh my skills. I started this Essential Teaching Assistant course and it has given me my confidence back to work with children. Really good course with lots of knowledge to be gained. Thanks

Review for Special Education Needs Certificate


Posted by Julia Bryant

I have learnt lot’s from completing this course with the college. Thank you to all the staff as they have been brilliant.

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

Great course

Posted by Keeley Stephenson

I really enjoyed my study time with the learning college. They supported my study throughout and the tutor support was always available and very professional. I will recommend the college to anyone looking to become a teaching assistant.

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

Brilliant !!!

Posted by Joanne Turner

Having been worried about online learning I can honestly say it has been brilliant with The Learning College. The support is second to none and everyone is willing to help whenever you speak with the staff. The course was easy to follow and very enjoyable to study. A huge thank you to The Learning College. I have also secured my Teaching Assistant position within my school and I am chuffed. Thanks again !

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

Teaching Assistant Qualification

Posted by Nabiya Bi

I have learnt alot from this course and i have already mentioned to a few people where i studied this course. I have taken a lot from this course an like i said i will be putting it in to practise when i work in schools. I have to mention when i rang in for anything at the college Kerri Farrington such a lovely warm person always happy jolly and happy to help with whatever my query. Very very impressed outstanding service so i thank you for everything i loved studing my course with The Learning College.

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

Thank you

Posted by Arlene Adams

Really enjoyed this course from start to finish and sad I have now completed. I have found the materials simple and the learning platform very good indeed. I will recommend the college to my colleagues and hope to complete other qualifications in the future. Thank you to my Tutor and also Kerri for all the support given

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

Happy with my course studies

Posted by Linda Valachovicova

The information provided (paperwork, course content, additional info) was easy to understand. All the materials were easy to understand and complete. Would recommend to friends/ family. Great support I haven’t accepted a role related to this course in the end, but during the interviewing process I could notice the difference this course made. Potential employers were more interested me as a candidate after completing the above course which was why I chose the course in the first place.

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

Very Enjoyable

Posted by Manuela Pataki

I found the teacher very well prepared, he always made himself clear, always gave good examples and I trusted him right from the beginning. It was easy to navigate but having the gentleman as a teacher made learning even more pleasant and interesting. The tutor was friendly and really helpful. I can say the same about the assessor. I did not receive any extra materials from the college as I had bought both TA books myself. The teacher provided interesting and extremely helpful online links on materials to read and it was a genuine pleasure to learn from him. I have learned so much by doing this course. The teacher, the tutor, and assessor, all were really helpful and I am extremely grateful to everyone. I would like to insist on it one last time and say that the male teacher was crucial within the learning process. The teacher’s name is Matthew Toothill

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

Recommended College

Posted by Joanne Bassy

My experience with the Learning College was really good. They gave my lots of support, if i sent something back for them to have a look at it they would get back to me quickly. The tutor was really helpful too and very encouragement to me as I had to do a little more on my course as there was not enough info and she help me out which was great. I would recommend studying with the learning college again in the near future.

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

Thoroughly enjoyed my course

Posted by Nabilah Khawaja

I have had a great experience completing the courses with the learning college as it was my first time to study online and it all went smoothly. This was something different and I am also chuffed as I have achieved to complete 2 courses which I enjoyed and also being pregnant I thought it might not be possible but I did it :]

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

Loved It :o)

Posted by Donna Lees

I think the college is very helpful should you need it and they were very quick to return my assignments with very helpful feedback. I would say that my overall experience with the college was very good and I will be using them again in the future for another course.

Review for CACHE Level 3 Award in STLS

Level 3 Teaching Assistant Course

Posted by Lucy Ridgway

I have been extremely happy with both the service and professionalism of the college. I felt more comfortable knowing that the office was near to my house and that I could physically drop off my portfolio. The only thing I would say which could perhaps be a slight improvement is after I dropped my portfolio off I seemed to wait a long time to hear anything back and I contacted the Learning College to chase the matter up.

Review for Special Education Needs Certificate

Fantastic Course !

Posted by Lander Arrasate

The study materials provided were very easy to use and navigate, the objectives were clearly established, the support and the materials were efficient, Very profesional company, easy to Access, good support and efficient feedback. I work as a teacher for more than 20 years and the course has been very useful for me.

Review for Special Education Needs Certificate

Highly Recommended

Posted by Sribharathy

Information packed, in detail course and was a pleasure to learn and present homework and research tasks, also to get them corrected by a tutor was very good.